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Recent innovations from SDC in skeletal trailer design include a sloping frame model which can carry 20ft and 30ft ISO containers at 44 tonnes. SDC have also developed two innovative options for operators wishing to retain the benefits of a front lift axle within current legislation.

The ELDAS* lift axle system is an automatic valve fitted in conjuction with the standard lift axle kit.The valve is triggered by movement of the chassis and will only allow the axle to be raised within legal configuration. This also encompasses the benefits of the Load Transfer System. 

The SDC Load Transfer System* is designed for those requiring additional traction when moving heavy 20ft containers. The system discharges air from the suspension over the first axle, redistirbing weight to the drive axles, therefore increasing traction.  

These systems represent a major breakthrough in trailer performance, load handling and operator safety. Both systems comply with legislation for turning circle and C&U regulations for trailers. 

From a paint finish point of view, our skeletals set the standard in terms of appearance and long-term durability. Using the Nexa autocolour Turbo Plus system, a technologically advanced 2 pack product over a fully shot blasted and pre-drilled chassis frame, our trailers will look good longer and enhance residual values. All our skeletal trailers are built to comply with EEC and UK construction use regulations.    


SDC Skeletal Trailer


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