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Vehicle Management

Effective Fleet Management is critical in the operation of our customers vehicles. Data is the key to enabling effective decision making.

5% Fuel Saving is possible through analysis of information, education of drivers and the introduction of driver training.

Experience shows us that whilst there is much focus on the cost, disposal value and servicing of any vehicle, it is equally important to focus on the
way that the vehicle is operated.

At Axis we fully understand our role is to help you operate your vehicles as effectively as possible. To help us to help you we have invested in a number of areas that will enable you to operate more efficiently.

Our new vehicles can be supplied with a Telematics system. This provides up to date, accurate information relating to a number of key areas for operating the vehicle including, idling;
cruise control; braking; driving style; speeding etc.

This data is consolidated into effective reporting and ultimately allows you to reduce costs. The summarised and drill down capability of the
information will allow you to identify areas where drivers need help and support to improve their driving style.

This market leading system will improve your fleet efficiency and Safety Management

The system can be set up to allow you to view the management information at different hierarchical levels.

Allowing Depot Managers to review data associated with their drivers, Fleet managers to access information about their depots and Senior Managers to view their total portfolio. This hierarchical approach provides complete visibility of the fleet operation, as well as enabling identification of poorer performers at all levels.

Total Fleet Management

Whilst fuel savings are critical we also recognise that the data will also assist in more effective operation of your fleet. The portal will allow you to access information centrally for all information you require related to your fleet, this includes:


    Preventative Maintenance Inspections

    Plating  Certificates

    Tacho documents
All documents are completely secure and tamper proof and provides complete flexibility for you to add new documents whenever you require.

The database is fully compliant with VOSA Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness. All in all this provides a fantastic central storage facility, enabling quick and effective access to vital fleet information in one place.
Document Portal
KPI report

By educating drivers you will help them to drive more effectively and ultimately this will improve the MPG of the vehicles which will save you money.

We are all aware of the significant increases in fuel costs . By implementing our Telematics system you can save 5% of your fuel costs by accessing
information relating to the vehicle and driver enabling more effective decision making and encouraging drivers to modify their driving style.

EcoStyle Reporting

Reporting is presented in a simple visual which helps the individual analysing the date to establish the potential areas for focus.

All information is available on-line and through various reports and drill downs you can look at the information at a holistic level or can be broken down to cost centres, depots, individual drivers or
vehicle types. Its extremely powerful and used wisely creates excellent results.

Quality Training

Its not all about technology, but the analysis of the information allows training and education to be specifically targeted to provide the most effective results. Fuel consumption is very much a byproduct
of how the vehicle is driven and ultimately depends on a drivers style and good/bad behaviours behind the wheel.

Telematics only

We offer a full telematics drivers style reporting management package even if you don't lease your trucks from Axis. We can manage the complete installation across all truck brands, the production
of relevant reports and advise on which areas your drivers could improve their behaviour.

The other significant benefit is that the information can be accessed remotely from any web enabled PC. This means that if you are out on site, or in meetings you can immediately access the system using your password.
Finally the system can be tailored to meet your specific requirements with additional functions such as:
  • Vehicle tracking and mapping
  • Driver Communications Module
  • Mobile data terminal for collections/deliveries integrated into the core system
  • Temperature tracking module
  • Trailer tracking module