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We manage the in life service, maintenance and repair of vehicles from our operational centre just west of Oxford. Operating from our FMS platform we control all aspects of spend on the vehicle. Our objective is to control spend whilst not compromising any operational aspects of managing the vehicle. Through our nationwide network of repairers our relationships and technical awareness enables us to review all costs and challenge and reject elements where appropriate. This results in effective control for us, but also enables us to manage any positional recharge issues on your behalf.

We have negotiated a specific tyre replacement programme with Bridgestone, who manage the repairs and provide support 24/7. This programme again results in exceptionally good cost management for us and our clients.

A dedicated in house Operations team

A national network of franchised and non franchised repairers

We work with a limited number of “Vendor Partners” to provide immediate response and ensure consistent service levels

Vendors are closely managed using a range of key performance measures including – MOT performance, Vehicle Up time, Service Schedule Management, First time fix ratios


In the event of a breakdown of the Vehicle the Customer should telephone the Axis head office on 0844 880393 (or such other number as Axis may notify the Customer for such purpose) and follow the relevant prompt relating to the problem causing the breakdown. The Customer’s call will then be dealt with appropriately by a member of the Axis team or Axis’ agent.


Adding Value

Through effective management through the vehicles life we will maximise the resale value.

Using our fleet management software we identify areas where costs can be reduced.

Cost reductions from the size of our fleet.

Reduce operating costs by managing your maintenance through our vendors.

Telematics will help you improve efficiency through driver training, optimising fuel and maintenance costs.