Productivity through Technology

Send new jobs instantly, capture signatures and photos on delivery and collection. 
Increasing customer satisfaction levels as we are able to provide a better, more efficient, level of customer service, putting us ahead of our competitors.

Given our operation team access to critical customer information, historical rentals and what equipment customers have on rent now.

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Increasing the efficiency during a vehicle's hire.

The system was designed to improve information using image capture and annotation to support data on the condition of assets.

The creation of an ‘Equipment Damage Recharge Report, based on; new damage notified during the Off Hire process.

System will flag when a MOT or Service is due and avoid unnecessary downtime after collection.   

We also have Pre Inspection function allowing us to inspect equipment prior to ‘off hire’ to produce a damage recharge report for hirer.     

The overall solution provides an efficient system to capture, process, reference and archive asset on hire and off hire condition data.

The solution will save time, improve information and streamline the hire process for our customers.     


The below features are available within the Hire platform.
This is just a selection of the hundreds of controls and features built into the system.


Customers can simply sign the screen to capture a signature.

Data stored in the cloud, no office hardware required.

GPS location data can be captured.

Timestamps can be added to any process to ensure full data trail.

Jobs can be sent between users of the system for approval.

If no connection is available, data can be queued and automatically uploaded.

Photos can be taken and attached to jobs and reports with ease.

Photos or drawings can be annotated or marked with pre-defined options.

Videos can be captured, attached to jobs and transferred.

Reports can be created from the data captured and emailed or stored.

Ensure mandatory data is captured before user progresses.

Files from 3rd party applications can be attached to jobs.

Multiple Forms can be configured and included.

Completed jobs can be attached and emailed.

Postcodes can be validated online or offline.